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GoReader hopes to give everyone access to well researched and well written articles from journalists around the world.  We use customized text to speech technology (TTS) to convert each written article into audio for easy listening while on the go.  Users can personalise their playlist by choosing publishers, topics or searching by keywords.  To make GoReader even easier, we use AI to improve your listening experience.  Get started today by downloading GoReader in the App Store.

Why we do it
We believe that there is a large segment of the population that wants to listen to professionally written articles while they go about their busy day.
How we do it
We use TTS (Text to Speech) technology to convert each written article to an audio file that is then read to listeners using a range of digital voices. Users personalize their listening experience by choosing publishers, sorting by topic, selecting specific articles, or searching by keywords.  We use AI to refine a user’s experience by listing articles that are similar to their listening history.


Audio listening continues to grow

1 Edison Research
2 Insider Intelligence

Meet our team

The people working to get your news on the Go.

Mark Ernst
Co-Founder, CEO
25 years capital market experience.
Principal at Origin Merchant Partners, an independent investment bank. Former MD and Head of Institutional Equity Sales for Global and Canadian Investment banks.
Mark Ernst on Linkedin

Tim Stoute
Co-Founder, CTO
Technology leader, systems architect and full stack developer for 25 years. Former founder and CTO of Eyereturn, an ad tech company. Principal at SCI, an independent consulting firm.
Tim Stoute on LinkedIn

Karim Rashwan
Previously an MD at AdvisorsStream, focused on publisher partnerships and product management. Worked at Wolters Kluwer in software product subscriptions. Karim Rashwan on LinkedIn

Ray Flores
Junior Full-Stack Web Developer. UI/UX Web Design.

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